Monday, August 6, 2007

Moving, Painting, and Tryouts

We helped Ivana B Sedated move out of her old place and into her new one on Saturday. I don't know how we got it all in two trips with a suburban, but we did. I've never been that lucky... I have so much stuff I don't need but can't seem to part with that I have to rent one of those really big uhauls, and make a couple trips with it. And we both had one bedroom apartments! I'm going to force myself to spend some time tonight taking pictures of some of that stuff I need to get rid of and put it all up on CraigsList.

Sunday we had an early practice, then a meeting... I didn't get back to the house until noon. Chris had already put on one coat of paint with his sister the night before (staying up until 2am to do it!!). I met him with Ivana at his new office and we helped him put on a second coat. Half red walls and half grey walls. The grey went on with one coat. The red is at three coats and counting. I think he needs to buy some more before we can continue. It looks really good though. Great color combination. (Not that lime green with curry yellow isn't a great look also, Ben :P).

HRD try outs are this week. We love try outs... we get used to hanging out with the same faces all the time... it's nice to spice it up with some new perfume. Just for Phil from now on I won't be referring to our new girls as 'fresh meat', but instead will coin a new term of endearment, 'new perfume'... because they will each bring their own fabulous sweaty pads stink to the rink :)

I wish every single skater trying out the best of luck. Pay attention, follow the trainers' instructions, try not to be nervous and just have fun! We look forward to meeting you!

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