Tuesday, August 7, 2007

DNA Test, Sushi


Here is my personal report:
Animated Analyst
My personalDNA Report

That was a cool little test.

We ate sushi on Sunday, like normal, at Cafe Japon. They have 'sushi happy hour' all day on Sundays. It USED to be $1 per piece of sushi... but last Tuesday for some reason it went up to $1.25. All the prices went up. Small amounts, but when you're eating sushi at a dollar a piece it can add up very quickly. At least the Asahi and hot Saki stayed at $2 each. We are not happy about this sudden change.

Art Night at Elle's is tonight. We have so many projects going on, and no time to work on most of them. I wish I could take a week off of work and just spend 8 hours a day completely all the wonderfully great art ideas I've thought of for this year. But alas, the bills must be paid. So that we can afford that expensive sushi.

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