Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lighting and Thunder and Storms, Oh my...

Last night there was a huge storm. The weather was fine before I went to bed, but at around 2:30 am the bottom fell out of the sky. And landed on my house. I usually sleep very well through storms. Something about the rain and thunder is soothing. But not last night. First my poor little dogs are terrified of lighting and thunder. They normally sleep in their room, but when it starts to storm they wake us up with their barking and insist on sleeping with us.

I’ve heard that you can tell how far away the lighting is by counting the seconds between the lighting and the thunder. Every second equals one mile away. At the peak of this storm there was NO time difference between the lighting and the thunder. I was almost as scared as Bella and Penny. I was still asleep, but slightly awake, and scared like a kid. I was glad the dogs wanted to sleep with me, because me soothing them helped calm me.
I meant to go unplug all the tv’s and computers. I was sure that the lighting was going to hit the roof and light our house on fire. But it was over quickly, and I fell deep asleep. I dreamt that my dogs were still afraid of the storm and that they were talking to me. It was weird and very realistic.

When I woke up there was no sign that the storm had even happened. The ground outside was wet, but there were no trees in the streets or anything. Then I get to work and ask my coworkers and none of them had a storm near their homes last night. Houston weather is very peculiar like that.

The storm reminded me about one of my best friends, Sana, who was afraid of storms. She is from Morocco, and they do not have thunderstorms there. Even in the US it does not lighting and thunder everywhere… Did you know that? I assumed that storms were normal and lighting and thunder a very typical weather condition for everywhere in the world. But nope. It’s depends on the region. All of the Southern Coastal states, from Texas eastwards all have thunderstorms. So when Sana moved here six years ago, and experienced her first thunderstorm she was not kidding when she was asking me if we should get a mattress and cover ourselves with it in the bathroom. She’s been through enough of them now to not be that scared, but it was very funny at the time.


Bill Shirley said...

I went to bed at 2:30 in the rain. When I woke up in the dark, it was 11:00 am! The house was shaking. I powered down the computer - a minute later the lightning flashed off our power.

Crispix396 said...

5 seconds equals 1 mile. So for it to be "flash bang" it was even closer than you imagined. 5280 feet in a mile (right?) 1056 feet per second, even if it was a whole half second (which it was not) it would have been closer than Felanies house.