Monday, August 27, 2007

Elle the Heroine

I am very luck to have met Chris Rien ( He illustrated most of the artwork for HRD this year. I found out he was in need of a drawing table, and I had an extra drafting table just gathering dust... so I gave him the table and he drew me as a futuristic badass derby heroine. It's awesome. Thank you Chris!!

I wonder if I can make this costume in time for halloween.

I'm going to have this printed and framed. It will remind me of all the fun times, and none of the hard times. Well, maybe it'll also remind me that I got through all the hard times.

We ate really good Belgian food this weekend (thank you Ivana), and watched a few movies that have been on our list (Thank You For Smoking, and Mansfield Park). Plus I watched so much Law and Order that I started double checking all the locks in the house. I should have just watched more movies.

September is going to be a crazy busy month, so I took this weekend off. I did as little as possible and it felt great. I've usually got ten projects going at once, and I like to stay busy. I thought it would be hard to not do anything, but once I put myself in lazy mode it felt like home.

I've got a list a mile long of things that need to be done... most of them Derby things. The way I'm feeling today though, maybe those derby things aren't as important as I think they are. Maybe they don't really need to be done at all. I'm sure I'll find out... someone will be yelling for something soon enough. Blah. We should skip Mondays altogether and get straight to Tuesdays.

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