Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pod What?!

I am retiring from Roller Derby at the end of this season. (Yes Goldie BloXX... I know you are going to kick my butt when I quit). I am thinking about joining our volunteer announcer crew next year. The Colonel offered to let me practice getting on the mic with his podcast reviews of the games.

I sat in on my first podcast last night with him and Bill. We talked about what we expect to see at this Sunday's bout when the Brawlers and the Bosses play. At first they didn't want me to preview the bout I'm going to be in... but I think it went okay. I have mad respect for all the Brawlers. Heck, if it wasn't my team they were playing I'd be chearing for them to win too! Here is the podcast in all it's glory.

And since we didn't take any pictures, I'll post one of me from DeMentia's birthday party this weekend.


kerry said...

great debut podcast! :)

Kev H said...

So many mixed emotions on this one. Sad to hear you're retiring. Glad to hear you're gonna do well as an announcer. :) Sorta confused by the "Sudden Death" thing goin' on, but still looking forward to this Sunday. Maybe in addition to the rules review we can get a season recap?

Phil Arnold said...

You did very well. But you couldn't get the Colonel to make much of a commitment on who woud win. And he couldn't get you to say something outrageous. You were the diplomat saying good things about your opponent but still softly, and resolutely saying the Bosses were going to win.

So I didn't hear a single prediction from the Colonel, did you? I think he might be shying away from predictions after his non-ESP coin prediction.

Nicole said...

Oh no.... I didn't know about that Elle!
I'm going to miss you... you've been really helpful these last few months.


ElleMcfierce said...

Part 2 is out now. We talk about the Sirens/Betties bout... and because of me it runs looong :)

This is going to be an amazing game!

Chrissy said...

i loved seeing you skate last night! sorry i was such a dork - i am much cooler on the internets. at least, i like to imagine i am. it would be nice to be considered cool somewhere.

at any rate, congrats on the win!