Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Resolution... What?

I'm a lister. I love to make lists and check off items and get pleasure from seeing all my To Do list Done. So this year I don't think I need a New Year's Resolution. I have Resolutions everyday. So my list of things that I'm constantly working on, from last year to this year...

Exercise more... ride the bike, walk the dogs, get out and throw the frisbee around. Have fun and enjoy my youth while I can.

Save money... Save up $30,000 for a down payment on a house. I could make this my New Year's Resolution, but I don't want to feel bad if I don't reach that goal by December, which would take a miracle and a long lost family member passing away and leaving me with a lot of money. Not likely. But what is likely is that I will save up a huge chunk of this down payment this year, and that's going to happen resolution or not.

Do more Arts, Crafts, Sewing, Building, and generally be Creative! I've definitely been doing that!

School... I'm still working towards an engineering degree.

Cooking... Last year Chris and I made one resolution: To not eat out the entire month of January. We did it (with only tiny exceptions when we were out of town), and at the same time we started cooking more. Now we don't need another resolution like that one because we do cook a lot now.

So... no resolutions, but lots of projects! And I don't feel stressed out or overwhelmed by them any more. I used to get stressed out when I got home and saw how much work needed to be done... but not anymore. I've proven to myself if I just concentrate and devote time and energy to a project I can do it, and well. My office is going to be a constant reminder of that.

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