Friday, January 2, 2009

Home Office/ Craft Room/ Guest Bedroom

I am so proud of myself. I've been saying I'm going to do something with my office for months. But with school, contract jobs, getting sick, and other projects I just haven't had time. Well the holidays gave me plenty of time and I took full advantage.

Here are some before pictures of my office:

Office 2008 02 by you.
Too much stuff!!

Office 2008 05 by you.
The ironing board has to go!

Office 2008 01 by you.
It was hard to find anything when I needed it.

Office 2008 03 by you.

Office 2008 04 by you.

Two of my favorite TV shows are Clean Sweep on TLC (, and Clean House on MyStyle (
I took tips from both shows and completely purged out this room. I sorted everything into tubs by category and pushed them all into the kitchen.

Mess in Kitchen 2009 by you.

Lots of stuff.

Desk 01 by you.

Desk 02 by you.

Desk 03 by you.

I'm selling my desks on Craigslist. I made them when we moved in about three years ago. They are real wood and the legs are from Ikea. I cut the pattern with a jigsaw then sanded everything out. After eleven coats of polyurethane they are nice and shiny and easy to clean.

Office 2009 01 by you.

With the desks gone I now have room for a futon. Which I bought from Baybrook Furniture ( On Tuesday, New Years Eve Day, I called them about this futon on their website. I paid with my card over the phone, and they delivered it a few hours later. Great service. We also bought our dining room table from them.

Office 2009 02 by you.

And a bookshelf from Ikea.

Office 2009 03 by you.

And my new workstation is perfect. I picked up the desk from Ikea. It holds both computers, and the TV location is great for the desk and futon.

Oh, and I also took the opportunity to get the carpet's cleaned (the dogs have had a few 'accidents' on the carpet). I called Houston Carpet Cleaning ( on Tuesday, New Years Eve Day, and they came out within a few hours and cleaned the carpets. Very quick and very clean.

Office 2009 04 by you.

The wire shelves look nice clean and empty... but they won't stay that way. Everything is coming back from the kitchen today.

I'll post more as I fill it all back up. I am very proud of how far it's come.

Mel Home Office by you.

And I have to give some credit to High Fashion Home. They have a Room Planner program on their website: It helped me find the best layout before I ever got started. The online version is b&w only, I colored this one in myself.

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Anonymous said...

so I did an image search on google for home office guest room (I need to organize and do something with my office) and lo and behold, who's blog pops up on the 2nd or 3rd page... YOURS! Small world...

Looks great! Hope all is well- miss ya!!