Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ending the new year on a good note

Sometimes I feel like everything is dragging... time is sluggish and nothing is getting done. But not lately. Lately so much is getting done.

Chris helped me with my Miata over the weekend. I thought about taking some pictures and posting the before and after... but it gets dark so early that all the pictures would be dark. I'm fixing the glove box, the panel under the steering wheel, the one place it leaks at the top of the drivers side door, and all the shift boot parts (including a new leather shifter cover). I'm going to be sad to see it go, especially now that all the little broken things are being fixed. But I'm looking forward to a new car even more. We test drove a lot of cars (went to a small used lot in Pasadena- Emmons... highly recommend it... we weren't pressured at all and all the cars were in great condition). I think I've set my heart on a Pontiac GTP... nice and sport, and still bigger than the Miata.

I went shopping on Friday... 7 hours of shopping. Hobby Lobby has almost everything 50% off. I bought most of the gifts there, believe it or not. Then I went home and wrapped them... there is something very pretty about wrapped packages under a tree.

I thought of what to get Chris for christmas... and he's going to love it.

The company I work for will pay for school. They reimburse 100% of tuition, fees, and even books. Now that I'm retired from derby I can finally go back to school (I don't know how some of the girls work full time, skate and go to school... I just could not do it). So I've registered for two online classes. I'm going to work towards a degree... one class at a time. I was doing good back in 05 when I stopped going. Now I have more confidence about going back, and am in a better situation than before (job, house, money, boyfriend... everything is working for me).

I've enjoyed my Google Calendar ever since I started using it. Now I have even MORE reason to like it! I just added Houston Community College's Acedemic Calendar to mine... so I can see all the dates pertaining to school! Plus I added Movie Releases... so I'll know ahead of time what movies are out each weekend! I can't wait to see I Am Legend.

I got to work at 7 this morning instead of 8. I like getting to work early. Starts the day off right, and I get to go home earlier. I want to keep it up.

Thursday night we're going to see the Toadies (my favorite band)... And I have off Friday, and Friday night is my company christmas party. I need to buy a new dress still.

So much is going on. I'm catching up and it feels great.
I even had time to help Goldie and Audio by making them a flyer for their birthday party... Karoke birthday party!! It's not the best, but I'm still a novice and I'm proud of it :)

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The other pic of Audio was better. :)