Thursday, December 27, 2007

Little girls in costumes

My niece Drew is almost three, and is beautiful and smart and a complete joy.

She can be smiley and sneaky, or just cute and sweet. Well I spoiled her for Christmas, of course, and got her loads of educational toys and girly dolls and other silly toys.

The hit of the loot was a fairy costume. It is a little leotard outfit with wings and a wand. When she opened it she immediately loved it and wanted to put it on. She wouldn't put it on over her clothes, but insisted on undressing then putting the costume on. After dancing and prancing around the living room for a while she started to ask to go outside. Well, it is Houston, but it was still too cold and windy for her to go out there in the fairy outfit. She was told no, she couldn't go out there, and in her little two year old language she explained, with passion in her voice, that she needed to go outside so she could fly. She couldn't fly inside, and that's why she wanted to go outside.

She was pissed, then very sad when her mom was able to explain that she won't really be flying, and that it's just a costume. Isn't that the sweetest and saddest thing you've ever heard?

Well, she still loves the costume and wore it yesterday too. She uses her hands to move the wings (trying to jump start them I think). And she can't just walk in the costume... she has to dance and do her little fairy hop. Oh... and she just can't leave the room without her wand. The universe would fall apart.

Derion, my nephew, got a Wii for Christmas. The poor kid was breathless when he opened it. They don't have a lot of money, and he's old enough now to understand he won't always get the most expensive toys. He ripped the paper on the box, then his eyes bulged out and his jaw dropped. This is where he stopped breathing for a minute. We could also tell that he was in shock, and even considered that the box had been used to wrap something else (who would be that mean?!). But he continued to take the paper off, and opened the still sealed box. He was ecstatic.

"I got a REAL Wii for Christmas! Wait till I tell all my friends!"

And he won't even shoot his eye out :)

I love my niece and nephew and am very glad to have them so close to me.

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