Monday, July 30, 2007

Camping was a hit

We went camping this past weekend. I was worried about the weather, and inconsistent reports about it flash flooding and thunderstorms. I didn’t want to be stuck in a muddy tent, or not be able to float the river. Well my fears were unfounded. The nine of us camped in tents, and went tubing and had a great time in the sun the whole weekend.
We got to the Guadalupe pretty late Friday night (around 11pm). We set up tent, ate, and then I went to sleep J Actually I slept a lot in the car on the way up there too. What can I say? I was tired!
Chris apparently stayed up until 4 or 5 in the morning playing with everyone in the river. Our camp was on the edge of the water, and they all wanted to get a head start on the water fun. All I know is when I woke up BloXX and Nawty were covered in mud from wrestling that night. Hahaha… I hope someone got pictures of that!
Bees were everywhere. One even ended up in my mouth! Ugh!!! It didn’t sting me, but freaked me the heck out! A bee did sting Chris on his back. We had a great time floating down the river. Met lots of other tourists. Introduced them all to the Houston Roller Derby. We were ‘packing it up’, and giving leg whips the whole time we were out there.
We didn’t bring sunscreen on the river, and what we had put on that morning wore off… we all got a little sun burnt. I’m hurting today! I used SPF 45, but like I said it wore off. At least my back didn’t get any sun, so my tat is safe. And I was wearing sunglasses and a hat, so my face isn’t red either. But oh how my legs and stomach hurt!!!
I took a nap on the river too. I was so comfortable, with my hat down and drooling on my chin. Then I hear some whispering… “Don’t wake her up… let’s see if she notices…” Those meanies were going to see if I could make it down some of the rapids asleep! But I heard them, and I heard the sound of the upcoming waterfalls, so I was able to go down them wide awake! Chris was supposed to protect me and wake me up!! But he wanted to see how far I’d go too! Hahahaha… I’ll get them back…
I’d forgotten how peaceful it is to sleep under the stars. When the sun went down the air was clean and a little cool. Did I mention that I slept a lot on this trip?
Goldie and her man Martin cooked some really good fajitas and chicken… not to mention waffles with eggs and bacon for breakfast!
The owner lady of the camp was a real witch. She stomped over to us to yell at us that no one is allowed to have their own float at her campsite. You have to rent theirs. We didn’t know, and she didn’t have to be that rude to just let us know their policy. We just took the tubes down the road and aired them somewhere else… and those of us without our own tubes rented from somewhere else also. This was probably their last busy weekend of the season because they will be releasing the damn at Canyon Lake today and it’ll flood the river for about 3 weeks. And we could have rented our tubes from them, but because of how rude that lady was we didn’t. And we will not go back to that place. Customer Service!! If she had talked to us friendly it would have made a world of difference. It would have made our weekend better, and hers too probably!
We found the snake that lives at the spot we camped at. It hides in the rocks at the shore of the river. Less than 10 feet from where we slept. Thank God we didn’t know that until we were almost leaving… I wouldn’t have been able to sleep so well!
We all took a bunch of pictures. We’ll post them soon!


Chrissy said...

sounds like a great weekend! it's not summer in texas unless you float down something at least once.

ElleMcfierce said...

And apparently unless I get a second degree burn somewhere on my body :)

Sun blisters freakin' hurt. I'm buying an aloe vera plant today.