Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Camping... Rain or Shine?

A bunch of us are going to the Guadalupe river this weekend. I’m excited because I haven’t been this year yet. But I’m also worried about the weather. It’s supposed to thunderstorm everyday. That would not be cool.

Ann Heiser Butch put together this floating trip and has at least 22 people signed up to go. Then Goldie BloXX and a few more of us are going to camp on the river. I haven’t been real ‘sleep in tent’ camping in years. I’m a little nervous about camping in the rain, but BloXX promises that we will be fine. As long as the river is open, we’re going. Yeah!

I need to remember to pack my OFF and sunblock (I’m so white Death calls me Transparent).

I love the river. The first time I ever got drunk was on the river. I was teaching some college boys the right way to swig Hot Damn, and got carried away. I didn’t realize I was drunk until I tried to get out of the river at the end of the float. I kept sliding down the mud.
And I’m the only person I know who can sleep on the river. It is so relaxing… just tie up with someone, pull my hat down, and take a nap. Priceless. Hopefully we’ll have lots of stories and pictures from this trip. Well, maybe not pictures!


Stacy said...

Transparent and Translucent! Love the Elle!

Amanda said...

I didn't know you had a blog...small world. Have fun at the river!
-Dixie Doom

Catazon said...

The river is my fave place in the world to be! Wish I could go this weekend, but must save funds for a big 4th birthday bash in 2 weeks. I would take lots of incriminatory pictures when I wasn't busy being in some myself.

ElleMcfierce said...

Well the weather is not cooperating. Everyone still wants to go though... I'm the only one afraid of flash flooding, and being a drenched soggy mess all weekend. Oh well, I'll drink some beer and work on chillingn out :) Unless we stay home... in which case I will get a lot of stuff done this weekend!! Crossing my fingers that we have a great weekend no matter what.

Phil Arnold said...

Ed D had a friend nearly drown in the Guadalupe River last weekend. He got pucked of some tree roots by a rescue squad. The water is high, and the river is pretty dangerous right now.

We have had three showers move through Austin today already. Tomorrow is a 50% chance of rain. You really tube at your own risk, but I know some people that have cancelled. Maybe six flag will be open somewhere.

Me, I'm going to Dallas for Roller Derby on Saturday, and one of those dangerous after parties.

ElleMcfierce said...

Well we went! And there was only sprinkling at night... the days were sunny and beautiful... the river was quite tame. The sun was mean though... burnt me to a crisp red. I hurt!!!