Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Battle Royale 2008, This Weekend!

I just made this post on the HRD Fan Board, and realized that I need to be talking to my friends that are kind of into derby when they have time... THIS IS THE WEEKEND TO CHECK OUT DERBY IN HOUSTON. Period.

In case it slipped past you guys, Houston Roller Derby is hosting the WFTDA Western Regional Tournament: Battle Royale 2008!

It's THIS WEEKEND! Starts at 8am on Friday and goes until 7pm on Sunday. There will be much derby, and many after parties! Check the schedule on the website to see specific bout schedule times.

**HRD's HaRD Knocks will play their first game at 12:45 (that's Noon:45) on Friday against Rocky Mountain. Please come and support them. A lot of the travel team girls just skated very intense, physical games, AGAINST EACH OTHER, and now need to come together as one united team, and a yelling screaming crazy lunatic fan base is just what they need to do it!

The track is set up similar to a normal HRD bout, so if you want a certain chair or spot on the floor, make sure to get their early!

The teams that are coming to play are BAD ASS!

Seed 1 = KC Roller Warriors ((#1 in the Nation))
Seed 2 = Rat City Rollergirls ((#3 in the Nation))
Seed 3 = Texas Rollergirls ((#5 in the Nation))
Seed 4 = B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls
Seed 5 = Rose City Rollers
Seed 6 = Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Seed 7 = Tucson Roller Derby
Seed 8 = Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Seed 9 = Duke City Derby
Seed 10 = Dallas Derby Devils
Seed 11 = Houston Roller Derby
Seed 12 = Denver Roller Dolls

Yeah... those top three teams, you might have heard of them?! Well unless you're also planning to go to the National competition in Portland, OR this November, this weekend might be your only chance to see these teams compete. Don't miss it!


VIP (floor stage) 3 day ticket - $150.00
VIP (front row balcony) 3 day ticket - $100.00
General Admission 3 day ticket - $65.00
General Admission 1 day ticket - $25.00
20 pack of GA 1 day tickets - $20.00 each

I bought the 3 day general admission... I think that's the best value, and you will see me there running around (not on a mic, but running around just the same!) the whole time!

Check out the WFTDA website for more info on the current national rankings, current rules, and lots of other technical derby stuff: http://www.wftda.com/

PLUS there will be all kinds of good derby merchandise to buy... these shirts are just the beginning:

There will be ALL KINDS of derby paraphernalia that you just can't get anywhere else but at a major roller derby tourny.


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