Friday, July 11, 2008

Farmers Market... Mmmm

I have been working on my google map for a few months now. I <3 href="">Elle's Google Map

(I'm going to pray that posting a map like this does not lead to stalkers. Unless it's Johnny Dep. Or Christian Bale.)

I've marked farmer's market locations around Houston (they are the sunshine icons). I visited the on McKinney last night, and it was awesome! What a great experience. Everyone there was so nice and helpful. I picked up a few great recipes, lots of great food, and even three raw meals. I've been interested in learning more about the raw diet. That dinner last night reconfirmed that raw is good! I don't know what all was in it, but it was called Pizza Bella, and it had a huge mushroom as the 'pizza' dough, tomato paste, hummas-like food, shredded carrots, nuts, and lots of other very good flavored foods... dinner was fantastic. I have a goal to eat at least one raw meal a week. I'm going to look on amazon for a good raw cooking book, and jump into it.

I also juiced last night. It was the first time I'd put strawberries into my juice, and it was great! It feels good to juice. I know it's healthy, but there is also something calming and simple about cleaning and chopping the veggies and fruits to get them ready for the juicer. It centers me.

Then we went and jogged/speed walked last night. Just the little bit of walking we've been doing this week has given me more energy. The only thing is it hurts my legs. I don't know if my shoes are just worn out, or if skating for so long made these particular muscles week, but the muscles and/or tendons on the front of my leg above my ankle really hurts. It hurt to walk to my office this morning. I have some of that amazing rub stuff that will make it feel better, but I left it at home. It's kind of like a shin split, only lower and not as debilitating.

I was so excited to spread the word that I took pictures of the farmers market:

The fruit and vegetables here are awesome!! Get out and support your local grower!

I tried to take a picture of the new park on McKinney. They have a dog park, and I will be back with my puppies!

They have these stationary canopy booths, and behind is one beautiful statue that kind of looks like legos.
I didn't take pictures of all the booths, but there was they typical fruit/ veggie booth, Indian food (delicious), raw food (still delicious), gelato (I had to stop somewhere!), bath and body stuff, plus hats. And cc's are welcome! Go check it out.1500 McKinneyThursdays 4pm - 7pm
Plus I passed out some HRD Season Ticket Cards and helped spread the word about the game this Sunday. I expect a small gang to show up. I hope they do. This is going to be a great bout to be at.
Oh... and also I just found out what I made on my recent Calculus Exam... 100 baby!! That's right... I'm making A's and takin' names! If all the fruits and veggies don't give me more brain power school definitely is!

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