Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful Maps

I'm a mapper. Technically I'm a GIS Analylst. I create maps, maintain the GIS system we have in place. All of our pipelines accross the nation are geographically stored in a database. I help make sure they are in the correct location, and have the correct data associated to them. Everyone else in the company uses different software to query off of our data and run reports and other boring stuff. My job is the fun stuff.

This is an aerial photo of an oasis in the Australian Desert.

This is an area just outside of Paris. The farming patterns look crazy!

This is an area in Southwest Kansas. It's intricate pattern is beautiful.

This is Hawaii. It's amazing how you can see the land under the water.

I have a few art projects in mind that involve these images, and others like them. I can't wait until I actually have time to work on them!


Bill Shirley said...

You might enjoy Strange Maps.

Jenny said...

It's beautiful.

Like pointilism from afar.